Pembroke School Truss install

Pembroke School made contact with us in relation to an upgrade they wished to complete in their Drama Room in Wright Hall. The Job was a big one……….

They required the removal of the existing lighting grid in the roof which had been there since the 50’s and replaced with 2 movable truss grids. The truss grids were attached to eight 250kg Stagemaker chain hoists all controlled via an 8 way motor control with pendant. This allowed the grids to be moved safely by any teacher while standing in the drama room. The safety aspects of this procedure meant that the use of dangerous ladders to install lighting fixtures has been eliminated. We also installed contact relays from the controller to engage a siren and strobe light when the motors were operational.

To hide the 2km of cable that was used we also installed a room length of cable tray. Along with the truss grids we also completed and installed a new electrical board, DMX, power and data points on each grid, rewired the audio sends and bio box and installed a motorised projector screen. The house lights were then rewired using LED fixtures and programmed using Dynalite products and software supplied by Chris Dennis Tech Services. The Dynalite software also controls the projector screen, projector and DMX channels.

The whole project took 3 weeks to complete and was a major success by everyone involved.


Installation manager-Dave Mullighan

Project manager-Phasey Hattam

On Site Tech- Hayden Inneson

Electrical and Dynalite programming- Chris Dennis