Adelaide Town Hall LED Lighting

Recently Adelaide City Council sought tender to replace the Town Hall auditorium stage lighting which comprised of 110v Par64’s. As these fixtures aged, they started to become hazardous and so the venue had resorted to hiring in forty-eight 575w Multipars.

The original tender sought to order fifty ETC Source Four MCM, two Selecon Pacific Profiles and Global Truss F33 truss plus brackets. Adelaide’s AJS Lighting Sound Events supplied a tender response for this option whilst also suggesting that the venue consider LED options as it seemed somewhat backwards to continue with incandescent fixtures. “Surprisingly the switch to LED did not cost much more than the original spec,” commented Adam Cox, of AJS. “We had to consider what fixtures to choose to suit the venue’s natural ambience. Also, it is frequently used for acoustic orchestral events which made the noise floor of most fixtures out of the question.” Fortunately AJS already had the answer in the ShowPro LED PAR Quad 18, several of which they have had in their hire inventory for quite some time. “The Quad 18s have always worked well and have no fan, so they were the perfect choice,” said Adam. “We did a demo of the light and everyone was happy with the output, slim design and silent operation.” Architectural column lighting was also requested with the venue wanting a low impact, narrow beam fixture. Again AJS had ShowPro Truss Mates in hire, which they demonstrated onsite and the effect was perfect plus they met the budget requirements. “We also considered the LED profile option as we have the ShowPro LED WW Profiles in hire,” added Adam. “With the addition of the zoom lens this also met the requirements and once seen by the venue management was a ‘no brainer’ to change the entire rig to LED.”

The install was successfully completed in two days and included 50 x ShowPro LED PAR Quad 18, 20 x ShowPro Truss Mates, 1 x Wireless Solutions BlackBox F1, 4 x Wireless Solutions BlackBox R-512, and 2 x Eclipse 600 15-30 Zoom lens LED Profiles as well as Global Truss F33 truss, clamps and safety chains from Design Quintessence. “The option we provided to the venue offers huge benefits in cost savings,” remarked Adam. “No more lamp replacements, no burnt out lamp bases with the fixtures able to run for 15 hour days all at full and 48,000W down to 10,000W if LEDS are at max. Plus with less heat there’s less air conditioning pressure. They also now have the ability to have full colour wash across stage without the need to change gels and can colour theme the room for incoming functions and weddings.

“The client is stoked and their Sustainability Advisor was very happy.”