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Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus

Manufacturer: Pioneer

Daily Rate: $88.00

Product Type: Audio, Dj Equipment

The new flagship of the Pioneer mixing range, the DJM-2000 raises the bar, adding a host of new, intuitive features designed to make splicing tracks even more enjoyable.

Featuring ProDJ Link LAN, the four channel mixer can seamlessly link up to as many CDJ’s and turntables - or even two laptops. Sync Master also puts the mixer at the heart of the operation, allowing it to set the master BPM for four CDJ’s, and Beat Slice gives users the power to dice and chop tracks in real time.

Brought over from the old model, the new DJM 2000 Nexus also boasts a 5.8 inch multi touchscreen, but adds a Peak Limiter to eliminate distortion at high volume and a lower jitter DAC clock - ensuring performances are faultless.