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d&b KSL

Manufacturer: d&b

Daily Rate: $POA

Product Type: Audio, Passive Speakers

The newest member of the d&b SL-Series has arrived. Broadening the scope of the SL-Series is KSL, the smaller sibling of the established GSL line array system. Together they share the same step change in system performance, broadband directivity control, significant headroom down to the lowest frequencies, and enhanced high frequency resolution.
Sound growth
The GSL and KSL Systems employ a combination of techniques to achieve full bandwidth constant directivity pattern control. The low frequency geometry uses cardioid technology along with a driver and port layout to produce directivity matched perfectly with the coaxial arrangement of a high efficiency midrange horn and the waveguide mounted high frequency drivers.
Complimented in the very low frequencies by the SL-SUB and SL-GSUB cardioid subwoofers, the high efficiency and exceptional headroom of the SL-Series places it well ahead of the pack.
Higher performance performances, everywhere
The SL-Series unity in design, system architecture and handling, coupled with the d&b infrastructure for planning, control, routing and cabling provides unparalleled flexibility. The scale of the KSL System enables deployment in venues ranging from larger clubs and theatres, all the way up to enormous stadiums and arenas. Comparatively little on the one side, while on the other, the biggest, most complex solutions are effectively addressed by seamless combinations of KSL and GSL.