About Us

After a long and successful career as one of Australia’s leading club DJ’s. Andrew Gayler felt the levels of expertise and service in the High End Audio, Lighting and Vision industry was deficient and realized the great opportunity to provide these services along with his own expertise as a IT programmer and his Audio and Electronics Engineering studies, decided to invest his time and energies to develop his own company to provide these services.

Andy J Sound was established in 1995. With the core businesses values of technical superiority and service excellence, which has seen Andy J Sound grow to become a leading supplier of professional level Sound, Lighting & Vision to the Events & Entertainment industry including Broadcast, Concert and Festivals production and has also become one of the most sought after commercial Installation professionals, having completed major installations for many of the leading supplier and commercial installation companies.

With a focus on attracting and retaining the best people and skill set available within the industry to the company, Andy J Sound boasts a large and dedicated staff collectively considered to be superior in excellence and service throughout the Electronics Communications Industry.